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Martine Chiasson Postpartum running outside in a pink sweater and white shoes

​Here are things that we can address together either in pregnancy or postpartum:

  • Assess mobility and diastasis recti

  • Manage symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence

  • Address aches and pains in the body

  • Manage symptoms of incontinence during exercise.

  • Increase core and body strength

  • Educate about the pelvic floor and core

  • Provide effective exercises that meet your current needs and goals

  • Create a realistic exercise plan that honours this season of life

  • Support your return to exercise after pregnancy or infant loss

Martine Chiasson is stretching in a pink sweater in a runner's lunge position with arm reaching for the sky


Martine Chiasson is laughing while resting both hands on knees outside wearing a pink sweater and hair in a ponytail


Martine Chiasson is dressed in a pink sweater and stretching in a standing position with both arms reaching up towards the sky.


Stronger Now Logo, prenatal and postnatal online monthly fitness program


Let's take a whole human approach to pre/post natal fitness

Instead of only looking at the end goal, let’s look at the whole awesome being that you are! Who are you? How are you physically, mentally and emotionally in this season of life? What does exercise mean for you and how can it support you right now? Are there any physical discomforts you want to address?

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