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I'm Martine Chiasson

... your prenatal and postnatal fitness coach!​

I'm a certified kinesiologist specialized in prenatal and postnatal fitness, with a passion in supporting pregnant and postpartum people on their fitness journeys. I'm also a mother to 3 children under the age of 6.

When it comes to the fitness industry, you could say I’m a little bit of a misfit. I don’t coach weight loss, I don’t compare before and after photos or take any body measurements. Instead we have conversations around what it means to move our bodies and how exercise can support your whole being through all of the seasons of life, the good and the hard.

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Martine Chiasson - Prenatal and postnatal fitness holding her hair and laughing

Photos taken by Caroline Langevin

I help folks of all fitness levels continue to move in ways that feel good during pregnancy in order to prepare for birth. During the postpartum journey (inclusive of bereaved parents) and motherhood, I guide and support the return to exercise while honouring all physical, mental and emotional aspects so that you can return to doing the things you love and feeling a little bit like yourself again!

Martine smiling to the camera and holding her hood over her head


Instead of only looking at the end goal, let’s look at the whole awesome being that you are! Who are you? How are you physically, mentally and emotionally in this season of life? What does exercise mean for you and how can it support you right now? Are there any physical discomforts you want to improve?

​Here are things that we can address together either in pregnancy or postpartum:

  • Assess mobility and diastasis recti

  • Manage symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence

  • Address aches and pains in the body

  • Increase core and body strength

  • Educate about the pelvic floor and core

  • Provide effective exercises that meet your current needs and goals

  • Support your return to exercise after pregnancy or infant loss


Thinking you have to stop moving your body in the ways you love just because you're pregnant or postpartum?


This isn’t true BUT there are some things we need to learn and consider as we progress. My goal is not to prevent you from doing what you love, rather coach you in using different strategies to accommodate your body's demands or symptoms and help you become aware of them as you progress forward.

Wanting to learn more about running, or CrossFit, or HIIT workouts during pregnancy or postpartum? Let's have a conversation! 

Martine jumping in the air with a white background
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Martine is gazing forward and stretching her arm

Moving your body is more than just exercise, it's about honouring your physical, mental and emotional health.

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Photos taken by Caroline Langevin

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