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An online monthly fitness coaching program supporting you through all the seasons of pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood

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Navigating pregnancy, postpartum, loss, motherhood, and parenting can already feel like a lot.

The last thing you need is pressure.

Pressure to move your body in a way that feels like too much.

It’s not helpful to feel sore for days or to have to drag yourself through a workout that requires way more energy than you’ve got.

Not to mention the pressure that comes from being surrounded by the majority of the fitness industry’s gross messages that would dare to tell you that your changing body is anything but totally fine just as it is.



  • A program that adds to your life rather than handing you one more hard thing. 


  • A coach that tells the rest of the industry to shove it and, instead, encourages conversations around how exercise can truly support your whole being.

 through all of the seasons of life - the good and the hard.



  • 3 workouts/week designed specifically for the demands of pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood

  • Live 30-minute workout coached by me each month via Zoom

  • Ongoing group fitness coaching by me in the private group and the free Truecoach app

  • On-demand workout library for when you’re looking for something different

  • Video demonstrations of each exercise

  • Education portal to cover all of the foundational tips & tricks via video tutorials

  • Private members community hosted in the members space, no social media needed

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A program that honors your physical, mental, and emotional self in this season of life in this current version of your body.

Looking for workouts that go with your schedule and are 30 mins or less? The Stronger Now membership does just that! You have the flexibility of working out when it works for you and Martine is just a text away through the app for coaching and more! You get the support of a personal trainer via app! Martine is very knowledgeable and if she doesn’t know the answer to a question she will find it for you! I absolutely recommend this program!

- Charline, Mom of two -

Meet Martine Chiasson, your prenatal & postnatal fitness coach

I'm a certified kinesiologist specialized in prenatal and postnatal fitness. I have a passion in supporting pregnant and postpartum people on their journeys to parenthood. I'm also a mother to 3 children under the age of 7, so I get it!

When it comes to the fitness industry, you could say I’m a little bit of a misfit. I don’t do weight loss, before and after photos or body measurements. I DO help folks of all fitness levels continue to move in ways that feel good in pregnancy in order to prepare for birth.

During the postpartum journey (inclusive of bereaved parents) and motherhood, I guide and support the return to exercise while honoring you as a whole person

I can help you manage pelvic floor symptoms present during exercise, strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and get you on your way to achieving your goals, whatever these may be in this season of life.

Online fitness support for...
  • Pregnant and Postpartum people

  • Loss & bereaved parents

  • Parents of babies and kids of all ages

  • People trying to conceive

  • LGBTQIA2S+ parents and parents to be

  • People with pelvic pelvic floor conditions such as diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence, pain, etc

  • People who want to feel strong and capable in this current version of their bodies. 

  • Folks who want to have someone plan their at-home or gym workouts for them

  • For all fitness levels, whether you’re just getting started, or looking for consistency and gentle accountability


  • New workout program every 4 weeks (3 strength sessions per week)


  • Workouts designed to be done in 15-30 minutes to accommodate the season of life you are in


  • Workouts delivered via a FREE mobile & desktop app for quick access


  • Unlimited group coaching in the mobile app


  • MONTHLY live group workout coached by me or chat on a specific topic

  • MEMBERS ONLY site and app that gives you access to an on-demand fitness library, education library


  • Private group chat for community members to connect, ask questions, get gentle accountability with folks in similar seasons of life


  • 3-month commitment is recommended for best results


  • $75/month OR

  • $400/6-months

1:1 PLUS

* weekly or bi-weekly plans available, please contact for details

  • Everything included in the BASE program PLUS...

  • 60-minute initial virtual consultation with me to discuss your goals, pregnancy and/or postpartum experiences, pelvic floor symptoms, and so much more

  • TWO 30-minute check-in/strategy calls per month to discuss your progress, any symptoms that may be coming up, chat about strategies or exercises, discuss life and challenges coming up or whatever you need.

  • Personalized adjustments to workout programs and exercises to better support your specific needs and goals

  • Unlimited Voxer access to me from Monday to Friday, to share quick texts and audio messages (could be for updates, gentle accountability and quick check-ins)

  • A great opportunity to get 1:1 support and accountability while navigating the seasons of pregnancy and postpartum, pelvic floor symptoms or lack regularity in your workouts

  • 3-month commitment is recommended for best results

  • $225/month OR

  • $1150/6-months

PLUS, everyone who joins get these bonuses:

- 12-week postpartum running program
- (3) follow along yoga videos
- New member onboarding call
- Pelvic floor & core tips & tricks with video tutorials
- PDF with meal ideas for the whole family created by a registered dietitian 



The third trimester track that is designed to support your body's needs and changes. The goals are for you to move your body comfortably while gaining strength and preparing for birth and postpartum recovery. (For pregnant people in their 1st and 2nd trimesters, they will start in the Honour Track).


The early postnatal track is meant to support your recovery and your return to exercise after birth or loss. You'll learn all about the core & pelvic floor and how to manage symptoms associated to prolapse, incontinence and Diastasis Recti while building a strong foundation to pursue the exercises you love!


This track is for parents who are months or years post birth and looking for a program that honours their life as it is right now. The goal is to gain strength, mobility and confidence in this version of your body



You'll receive a confirmation email (always check your spam/junk folders just in case) with a link to fill a questionnaire form and a waiver.


You'll receive an email to create a member's username and password.


Within 24 hours you'll receive an invite to the Stronger Now Mobile App as well as the TrueCoach Fitness App and gain access to your new workout program.


Within 24 hours, you'll have FULL access to the Members Space via your desktop, mobile app and TrueCoach Fitness app.

Breaking it down.

  • New workout program every 4-weeks

  • 3 workouts/week, 30-minutes or less designed for the pregnancy, postpartum, parenthood stage you're in

  • Program delivered via FREE Mobile App (TrueCoach) 

  • Stronger Now virtual space only accessible to members to gain access to your monthly workout program, additional tutorial and coaching videos, live workout replays, on-demand workouts, and important pregnancy, postpartum, core and pelvic floor education!

  • Members only private group for ongoing support and an opportunity to share stories, ask questions and be curious  (no social media needed)

  • Direct group coaching and messaging through the App and the private members group chat

  • Monthly 30-minute live group workout hosted on Zoom

  • Discussions around body image and neutrality and how we can allow this current version of ourselves to show up.

  • Cancel anytime (monthly subscription only)

See you on the other side, where fitness feels good.

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Every month, on behalf of The Stronger Now Community, we will be donating to organizations that support women, families and communities in need.

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