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Martine Chiasson - Prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist

You are worthy of honouring your whole self!

Pregnancy, postpartum and parenting can require so much of our energy and mental capacity and can leave us feeling tired, frustrated and disconnected from ourselves. 

Your needs and care matter!

Let's honour the whole YOU shall we?

Welcome Friend!

I'd love to support you in connecting back with yourself during pregnancy and postpartum through exercise that honours this current season of life.

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Hi! I'm Martine, 

your prenatal and postnatal exercise coach!

I’m a mom of 3 littles under the age of 7 and have also grieved two pregnancy losses. I’m on this journey with you, trying to honour myself as I navigate the trenches of motherhood and relationships. ​

And I’m tired of hearing about the bounce back fitness culture and for pregnant and postpartum people to feel completely overwhelmed and alone.

Exercise doesn’t have to be about changing the shape or size of your body. Exercise can be this beautiful means to feel strong and capable in your body, to help you manage the stress and mental load of parenting, to find a little bit of you amidst the chaos.

Here's how we can work together!

Martine Chiasson - Kinesiologist prenatal and postnatal fitness
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