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Your monthly at-home fitness coaching program for pregnancy, postpartum & beyond.

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The Mama Movement is an exercise studio offering services to people trying to conceive, or who are pregnant, postpartum or grieving a loss. We guide and support folks on their personal journeys by offering exercise classes, individual training sessions, consultations, support groups and educational workshops, both in person or virtually. We strive to create a community where we feel safe to share our experiences, our joys, our failures, our fears, and show up to support one another without shame or judgement. Our community is a space for you to honour yourself physically, mentally and emotionally!


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  • Provide effective exercises that meet your current needs and goals

  • Assess mobility and diastasis recti.

  • Manage symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse during exercise.

  • Manage symptoms of incontinence during exercise.

  • Increase core and body strength.

  • Improve breathing and posture.

  • Share knowledge about the pelvic floor and core.

  • Help you acknowledge your awesomeness!


Our goal is not to prevent you from doing what you love, rather coach you in using different strategies to accommodate your body's demands or symptoms and help you become aware of them.


Wanting to learn more about running, or CrossFit, or HIIT workouts during pregnancy or postpartum? Let's have a conversation!