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YES it is Mama!

I know... the thought of running after giving birth (or years after giving birth) may have you feeling both excited and anxious! I get you!

But what if I told you that your postpartum body is strong, capable, adaptable and resilient. That you CAN run without peeing your pants... whether it be as a first time runner or an experienced runner?

Curious about postpartum running?

Maybe you were an avid runner before motherhood but the idea of running again feels so overwhelming.

Maybe you've thought about running before pregnancy but you've never felt confident in even getting started.

Maybe you don't like running but want to learn how to challenge your body and see what it's able to do.

Maybe you have prolapse, or a Diastasis Recti, or maybe you pee your pants and feel like running is not an option.

I get it.
I also shared these same feelings and fears. That's why I'm offering this class/program. So that you can feel confident in your body's ability to run again. To find joy in running. To find pleasure in trying something new. To feel strong in your body and to have the knowledge to listen to your body so that you gain back control!


Join the waitlist now to have early access to this 12-week MAMA- Let's Run! Class/Program

Here's a Sneak Peek: 


Introduction to core & pelvic floor, built for you programs, symptoms, return to running guidelines, tips & tricks.

6-week Strength

Done for you 6-weeks  at-home workout (2 workouts/week) with strength, endurance and impact in mind.

6-week Run

6-weeks progressive running program with tips & tricks on how to manage symptoms & prevent injuries.

Ongoing Support

Join me for a LIVE workout once a week. Private group chat to ask questions or share concerns.

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