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Look, navigating pregnancy or postpartum and parenting can be... A LOT. 


Moving your body can be an impactful way to honour your physical, mental and emotional health, but maybe you feel stuck or overwhelmed about how to actually do the thing that is working out?


This 4-week program was designed to be as simple as possible so that you don't have to spend extra energy on programming workouts for yourself. This workout guide was designed so that you could care for YOURSELF in under 30-minutes, twice per week. The best part? You can  download and save it so that you're able to come back to it anytime. 


At the end of this 4-weeks, you'll be on your way to building overall strength, strong bones and find some regularity in moving your body in ways that feel good to you!


It offers plenty of exercise variations to accomodate all fitness levels and chapters of pregnancy and postpartum, while leaving the complicated exercises out of it. 


This 12 page PDF includes: 

- 4-week exercise program (2x workouts per week)

- Video demonstrations for all exercises

- Walkthrough on how to use the PDF

- Warmup and cooldown

- Breathing thips

- Cheat sheet on how to modify the intensity 

- Options for exercise variations

- Calendar


Please note that this item is non refundable. Once purchased you can not return or exchange it.

Strong & Simple - 4-week Exercise Program

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  • Once you purchase Strong & Simple, you will be redirected to a Thank You page with a link to download and save your PDF file. You should also receive a confirmation email with the link (check junk and spam folders). It's that simple! Good luck my friend and have fun!

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