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Our MAMA - Let's Run! 12-week Running Program is the perfect way to get postpartum folks back into running safely and confidently.


This program will take you step-by-step through 6-weeks of strength training and 6-weeks of progressive running, all while keeping your core and pelvic floor in mind and helping to manage any pelvic floor symptoms such as diastasis recti, incontinence (any leaking), pelvic organ prolapse and discomforts.


You will learn how to feel strong and capable in your body, while honouring your postpartum journey.


Included in this program:

- 6-week strength training program

- 6-week running program

- Education on core & pelvic floor

- Running education & tips

- Specific warmup and cooldown circuits

- Calendar to track your workouts and runs


Please note that this item is non refundable. Once purchased you can not return or exchange it.


MAMA - Let's Run! 12-week Running Program

Excluding GST/HST
  • Once you purchase the 12-week return to running program, you will be redirected to a Thank You page with a link to download your zip file. You should also receive a confirmation email with the link (check junk and spam folders). It's that simple! Good luck my friend and have fun! Note that you have 30 days to download and save your program!

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