FEBRUARY 9th - APRIL 1st - Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:00PM AST)


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This 8-week live postnatal HIIT class is designed to build strength and challenge you both physically and mentally!


Gain whole body strength, mobility and energy with high intensity exercises that will challenge you but have you leaving joyful!

Symptoms such as leaking, prolapse or Diastasis Recti? This class will leave you feeling empowered in your body's ability to adapt and progress.


A community of womxn with whom you can share stories, questions, concerns but also your wins, because we deserve to celebrate those too!

Feel empowered and capable in your body, both physically and mentally  as well as gain confidence in knowing how to listen to your body and embrace your journey.



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  • You've already returned to moderate/high intensity exercises
  • You are looking for a quick, fun and challenging mid-day workout
  • You want to learn how to manage pelvic floor symptoms such as leaking, prolapse, Diastasis Recti while doing activities you love
  • You are looking to connect and engage with a community of womxn with whom you can share motherhood stories and experiences
  • You want to challenge your body both physically and mentally with the support of a postnatal exercise coach
  •  ** an assessment with a pelvic health physiotherapist is encouraged if you have symptoms

Meet Your Coach

Martine Chiasson

I'm Martine, your prenatal and postnatal fitness coach.

I'm a certified kinesiologist specialized in prenatal and postnatal fitness, with a passion in supporting women along their motherhood journeys, whether trying to conceive, pregnant or postpartum.​ I'm also a mother to 3 children under the age of 5.

I believe exercise to not only be a physical movement, but an emotional one as well, meant to help us connect with ourselves and our community. Every woman's journey is unique and different and our services reflect these exact needs.

I help women of all fitness levels continue to move in ways that feel good during pregnancy in order to prepare for birth. During the postpartum journey and motherhood, I guide and support the return to exercise while considering all physical and mental aspects. I can help you manage symptoms present during exercise, strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and get you on your way to achieving your goals, whatever these may be.

I also have a passion for advocating access to the education and resources we deserve in order for us to make educated choices and feel empowered as women and mothers.

If you join, you will have access to...

  • LIVE 30-minute classes coached 2x/week by Martine (that's me!)

  • Circuit-based high intensity interval training

  • Access to class recordings for 12 months

  • Modifications and strategies to manage pelvic floor symptoms

  • Access to a private Facebook group 

  • A community of womxn navigating parenthood

  • A virtual space to ask ALL the questions

  • Support and guidance throughout the 8-weeks and beyond!

Breaking it down.

  • Sign-in twice a week via Zoom
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:00PM (AST) - February 9th - April 1st
  • Quick 30-minute workout sessions
  • Wear comfortable attire (seriously, whatever you want!)
  • Bring water
  • Equipment needed:
    • yoga mat​
    • light, medium and heavier dumbbells or KB
    • bench or chair
    • resistance bands and loop band
    • 2 small towels

This class is for ALL bodies. We show up twice a week so that we can challenge ourselves both physically and mentally, but mostly because as a mother, you deserve to show up for yourself first!

Frequently asked questions

Can I join if I was cleared for exercise at my 6-week check-up?

Great question! This HIIT class (high intensity interval training) will have some impact exercises as well as advanced strengthening exercises. This is appropriate for people who've already rested, recovered, rehabed and retrained their WHOLE body. Therefore this is not an introduction to postpartum exercise. Research states that people who've given birth should wait 3-6 months postpartum before returning to impact and this is with some pelvic floor and core education as well as a strength program. If returning to impact is something you're interested in, send me an email HERE, I'd love to help you out!

How long are the workouts?

This class is 30-minutes. It is meant to allow you to hit pause, and move your body in a realistic time frame!

What equipment do I need?

Suggested equipment that may be used during the workouts are: - yoga mat - light, medium and heavier set of dumbbells or KB - resistance bands (mini and loop) - bench or chair - set of small towels If you don't have access to some of this equipment, don't worry, we'll modify the exercise so that you can still participate!

I haven’t done exercises in years, can I still join?

Thank you for showing up Mama! This class is appropriate for people who've already returned to exercise and are looking to further challenge their bodies through movement! If you are new to exercise, I'd suggest the MAMA - Core & Strength Body

What if I miss a live class?

Great question! If you miss a live class you will have access to class recordings for a full year!

Is this refundable?

I am so confident that you will LOVE this class, however, If you are looking to get a refund, please reach out to me HERE and we can further discuss this :)

Is it okay if my children are present?

ABSOLUTELY! Being at home with children should not stop you from taking care of yourself. There is no perfect environment or setting, so please feel free to have your children roam around if you wish to do so, or if you have no other choice. Motherhood.

What type of exercises will be included in this class?

This class is meant to challenge your body, get your heart rate up, and gain strength, therefore you can expect all types of different exercises such as: body weight, resistance banded exercises, weighted exercises, IMPACT exercises, cardio, as well as some relaxation poses and mobility work.

What type of exercises can I expect?

Love this question! Since it's a HIIT class, you an expect all types of exercises such as : impact, body weight, banded, weighted and cardiovascular exercises.

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