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6-week Online MAMA2B - Strong for Birth-


Your 6-week outdoor stroller fitness class! - $130 + tx
LOCATION - Centennial Park, Moncton
WHEN? - Tuesdays - 10:00 or 11:30 options
Starting May 28th to July 2nd

This 6-week outdoor fitness class will show us how to be innovative when it comes to using our strollers and our surroundings to stay active in the great outdoors! We will focus on core & pelvic floor, gaining strength and mobility, and finding confidence in our body's ability to move in all of the ways.The bonus? Meeting, conversing, laughing, sharing with other moms & parents! Yes PLEASE!



Martine Chiasson, prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist, holding her daughter in her arms
  • You've given birth (inclusive to: pregnancy and infant loss mothers, to surrogates, to people who've given birth months or years ago).
  • You have healed and recovered from your birthing experience (if you are not sure whether this class is appropriate for you -->
  • You want to gain knowledge on your core and pelvic floor.
  • You want to gain strength and mobility.
  • You want to move your workouts outdoors and enjoy the Spring weather!
  • You are looking to connect with other mothers (more than ever!)
  • You are looking for guidance and answers to your questions regarding postpartum exercise.
  • You want someone to do the workout planning for you!
Martine Chiasson, prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist, smiling and looking at the camera holding a cup of tea

Meet Your Coach

Martine Chiasson

I'm a certified kinesiologist specialized in prenatal and postnatal fitness, with a passion in supporting pregnant and postpartum people on their fitness journeys. I'm also a mother to 3 children under the age of 8.

When it comes to the fitness industry, you could say I’m a little bit of a misfit. I don’t coach weight loss, I don’t compare before and after photos or take any body measurements. Instead we have conversations around what it means to move our bodies and how exercise can support your whole being through all of the seasons of life, the good and the hard.

I help folks of all fitness levels continue to move in ways that feel good during pregnancy in order to prepare for birth. During the postpartum journey (inclusive of bereaved parents) and motherhood, I guide and support the return to exercise while honouring all physical, mental and emotional aspects so that you can return to doing the things you love and feeling a little bit like yourself again!

Breaking it down.

  • Meet at the Centennial Park Community Parking Lot
  • Tuesdays @ 10AM or 11:30AM (via Zoom if the weather doesn't comply)
  • 60 minute sessions
  • Wear comfortable attire that is appropriate for the weather
  • What you need to bring:
    • Stroller or baby carrier are OPTIONAL (you can come solo)
    • Water
    • After workout snack
    • Yoga mat or beach towel
    • SPF

What can I expect?

  • Gain strength while enjoying the beautiful Spring weather!

  • Workouts will include walking, bodyweight exercises, and some resistance bands as well as using the environment around us (benches, steps, hills, etc).

  • If babies are joining, they can stay in the stroller for the whole class or the baby carrier as we don't stay in one spot for long.

  • Every workout is planned according to the group's needs, goals and preferences.

  • Every exercise chosen is able to regress or progress therefore it's suitable for all fitness levels.

  • The workouts can help with managing pelvic floor symptoms such as prolapse, diastasis recti, incontinence, and pelvic girdle pain.

  • A community of folks navigating postpartum and parenthood.

  • Support and guidance throughout the 6-weeks and beyond!



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