This 60-minute sit-down is such an important part of getting to know you. During this 1-hour consultation, we discuss... YOU. How do you feel? What are your needs? Goals? Expectations? Do you have concerns? We also address  your pregnancies, birthing experiences and your postpartum recoveries. We truly believe getting to know you and your experiences offers us so much insight in being able to provide you with the best services suited to your specific needs. It's really a casual chit-chat that we can have here at our studio, in your home or virtually.


We offer exercise and mobility assessments, as well as core assessments here at our studio, your home, your gym or virtually. These sessions give us really good feedback in knowing which strategies to use during training to avoid excessive strain on our core and pelvic floor and also how to prescribe exercise for the rehabilitation chapter.


These 1-hour exercise sessions are offered either here at our studio, in the comfort of your home or virtually, to better accommodate your current schedule.


This class is designed to help strengthen you physically and mentally in order to prepare for your birth experience. It is a circuit-based exercise class focused on teaching you how to properly connect with your core and pelvic floor and strengthen your whole body. The goal is for you to leave feeling more energized, comfortable and confidant to continue on this journey. It's also a great opportunity to find support amongst other women, share your experiences and ask honest questions.


This 60-minute postnatal exercise class is designed for all Mamas, whether newly postpartum or years into motherhood. This class focuses on proper breathing, recovery and proper connection of the core and pelvic floor, and full body strengthening. The goal is for you to feel confidant in your body's recovery and to continue pursuing the activities you love knowing proper breathing technique and exercise strategies.


Our exercise programs are designed specifically to answer your needs and goals while taking into consideration your life. All programs begin with a 1-hour consultation/assessment followed by a personal training session.


We understand that distance may prevent you from being able to physically come to our studio or for us to go to your home. This online option is a great alternative that enables you to still receive great service while in the comfort of your home.