For all types of Moms & Moms to be 


Does it feel overwhelming for you? Trying to conceive, pregnancy, postpartum, loss, motherhood? Hitting pause and honouring your self is a challenge of its own during these seasons of life.

But you deserve it... more than that, you may feel like you NEED it.

Because moving your body is more than just exercise, it's connecting with your whole self, it's acknowledging your needs and boosting your energy and your confidence so that you are able to move forward and enjoy this journey that you so truthfully deserve.


Hello Friend!

I am Martine Chiasson, your prenatal and postnatal coach here at The Mama Movement. I am here to help you honour your whole self which includes your physical, mental and emotional health. My exercise classes are designed to help you heal and recover, connect with your core and pelvic floor, build strength but also boost your energy and confidence so that you can pursue this journey with joy!

Are you ready to hit pause, honour your whole self, move your body, and have fun doing so? 

Scroll below to find which class is appropriate for YOU!
MAMA2B - Strong for Birth
6-week Online MAMA2B - Strong for Birth-

60-minute prenatal exercise classes designed for all fitness levels and all stages of pregnancy with focus on full body strength, core and pelvic floor.

Join us for this 6-week class to help boost your mood and energy but also to feel good in your body and find support amongst this community.

MAMA - Core & Body Strength

Are you healed and recovered, wanting a little more from your workouts, but not sure how to begin or what to do next? I've got you!

This 60-minute postnatal exercise class is designed to help you build strength progressively over 6-weeks (2x/week). 

Gain knowledge on how to listen to your body and move forward on this journey with confidence and joy!

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MAMA - Optimal HIIT
10 . 24 . 2019 | 10am - 6pm-2.png

So you've rehabbed, you've strengthened, and now you want to challenge your body a little more? This  45-minute HIIT class (high intensity interval training) is for you.

In this class we will challenge you both physically and mentally and have you feeling strong, capable and joyful in your body.

Pelvic floor symptoms such as leaking, prolapse, diastasis? No worries, I will teach you strategies on how to manage these symptoms during exercise and motherhood!

MAMA - Let's Stroll!

This class is all about embracing the outdoors!

This 60-minute class is designed to strengthen the whole body all while utilizing the environment around us. We'll meet in a park with stroller or carriers in tow and hit the trails for some walking and full body movements!