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FREE 5-day Movement Challenge

Learn how to incorporate movement that is realistic and adaptable in this busy season of pregnancy, postpartum & beyond so that you can begin to honour the whole YOU!

PLUS, join me for TWO live online group workouts!

A 5-day movement challenge to prioritize yourself and move your body in ways that will boost your energy, start to build strong bones and muscles, while keeping it simple and realistic for this busy season of life!

    WE START JUNE 25TH!     

If you sign-up for this FREE movement challenge, you'll get: 

  • Daily email covering a specific topic and your movement goal for the day.

  • TWO live online group workouts coached by Martine, via Zoom (30 minutes or less)

  •  A flow routine that you can do just about anywhere and anytime

  • Tips on how to include movement more regularly in this season of life

  • Private group chat to answer questions and connect


WHEW! I get it! Being pregnant, recovering from birth and shifting into motherhood requires so much energy, time, and sometimes a little piece of yourself!

Maybe the idea of moving your body is what you want and need, but you just don't know where or how to begin? Or whether it's even worth it while trying to navigate the lack of sleep, the piles of laundry or dirty dishes?

BUT, here's your reminder that amidst all of this, the chaos, the lack of sleep, the constant needing of you, that YOU still matter and your needs are just as important!

This FREE 5-day challenge is appropriate for folks who are... 
  • Pregnant and Postpartum people

  • Loss & bereaved parents

  • Parents of babies and kids of all ages

  • People trying to conceive

  • LGBTQIA2S+ parents and parents to be

  • People with pelvic pelvic floor conditions such as diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence, pain, etc

  • People who want to feel strong and capable in this current version of their bodies. 

  • For all fitness levels, whether you’re just getting started, or looking for consistency and gentle accountability


I'm going to share some effective but simple tips on how to incorporate movement right NOW, in the hustle and bustle of motherhood and parenting so that you can gain some momentum, gentle accountability and continue amidst the chaos! 

And YES, I'm going to get you to sweat a little during our live group workouts! The goal is for you to move your body in a way that leaves you feeling capable and strong, refreshed and joyful. These workouts will NOT have you feeling depleted, exhausted or incapable. We don't have time for that!

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Meet Martine Chiasson, your prenatal & postnatal fitness coach

I'm a certified kinesiologist with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology. I specialize in prenatal and postnatal fitness, with a passion in supporting pregnant and postpartum people on their journeys to parenthood. 

I currently work with pregnant and postpartum people in-person and online, guiding them to move their bodies in pregnancy, postpartum, loss & beyond, through group classes, 1-1 training, and Stronger Now, my online monthly exercise coaching program.

I think it's important that throughout this journey we stay honouring ourselves, mentally, physically and emotionally. 

I'm also a mom of 3, under 7, that keep me busy, laughing, and on my toes.

Breaking it down.

  • Day 1- June 25th - You'll receive an email to kick start the challenge and I'll share some tips on how we can move our bodies through all the seasons of pregnancy and motherhood

  • Day 2 - June 26th - We'll go LIVE for a group workout via Zoom on at 12:30PM EST (1:30PM AST). You will need a set of dumbbells and a resistance band

  • Day 3 - June 27th - You'll receive a 10-minute mobility flow routine that you can do at anytime

  • Day 4 - June 28th We'll go LIVE for our second group workout via Zoom at 12:30PM EST (1:30PM AST). You will need a set of dumbbells and a resistance band

  • Day 5 - June 29th - On this last day I'll be nudging you to move your body in a supportive way and I'll be sharing how to you can keep this momentum going for the summer months

There are no obligations to join us live or show proof of anything during this 5-day movement exploration. You get to show up as little or as much as you want. Recordings of the live workouts will be sent within 24 hours)


  • You'll receive a Welcome email confirmation (always check your spam/junk folders just in case and verify that you trust this email)

  • You will be invited to join a private group chat hosted on a free app for the duration of the 5 days. This will give us the opportunity to ask questions and share some thoughts around exercise and motherhood/parenting.

  • Wait for the DAY 1 email to hit your inbox on June 25th

  • That's it!