60-minute conversation that includes education and movement assessment.


Hey Friend, how are YOU? the most authentic way to start our conversations together. I truly want to get to know you and learn how I can best guide you in this season of life. 

During our time together we'll discuss some of your questions and concerns and specific goals or needs in regards to exercise. I will share knowledge with you on the core & pelvic floor so that you can feel confidant in your body's ability to move throughout pregnancy and/or postpartum. We can address some pelvic floor symptoms such as pelvic pain, diastasis recti, incontinence and prolapse. 

If you feel comfortable doing so, we'll follow this with a movement assessment (includes diastasis recti assessment).

* Just a little reminder that I don't coach weight loss but will always listen to your thoughts, have discussions about body image, and how this can make you feel.

Is feeling strong and comfortable throughout your pregnancy something you're seeking?

Or... maybe you've given birth recently and want to return to some exercise but not sure how or where to start?

These in-person small group classes offer guidance and knowledge so that wherever you are on your journey to motherhood or parenthood, you feel confidant in your body's ability to support you along the way!

Classes are 60-minutes and are designed to help you feel strong, acknowledged, and powerful. You will learn what role the core & pelvic floor play and how to manage symptoms and discomforts that may arise from pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. 

These classes are built on community and connection... which means our space is judgement free!


In-studio, small group exercises classes designed for pregnant and postpartum people (yes this can be years after giving birth!)


In-studio 60-minute 1-1 exercise coaching.


Are you longing for someone to walk beside you on this exercise journey? Maybe you want someone to guide the way, build the plan, hold you accountable BUT also check-in with you, honour where you are in this present moment?

This is what we do in our 1-1 sessions together.

Our 60-minute sessions together will always include some type of movement. I program the workouts to honour your whole self on that day... which means that some days we push and challenge, other days we slow it down and address symptoms, energy, discomforts, etc.

The plan always includes checking-in, boundaries, consent, updated goals and joy. The workouts are designed to help you progress forward, build confidence in your body's ability to move in all of the ways, and have you feel strong and capable.

Pregnancy and postpartum don't define how you get to move your body, but remind us that progression, education and strength can support on this magical ride!

* Consultation is required before booking our 1-1 session together!